Chris Evangelista: “I’m Not Here To Be A Tough Guy”

Here’s another video of one of the sexiest bail bondsman around, Chris Evangelista of HBO’s Family Bonds fame.  Another big “Thank You!” to D.T. for this…

(higher quality version)

And here are some screenshots of the “hot, sweaty, belligerent Chris flaring up at a party”…  (That’s a D.T. quote and I cannot describe these screenshots any better than that!)

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6 thoughts on “Chris Evangelista: “I’m Not Here To Be A Tough Guy””

  1. I love Chris. He is a teddy bear in every sense of the term. I have had a crush on him for 4 years…now we are dating. He’s lost a lot of weight since the show. He looks amazing!

  2. From the other scenes I’ve seen of Chris, he’s really a softie at heart. He was unfortunately a bit intoxicated when this scene was shot. Plus it makes for titillating “drama,” I guess. More importantly, we got to see his sexy belly. ^_^

  3. Perhaps this particular scene doesn’t show him in the best light but in fairness this is only a short clip that is part of a much longer series. This was not his normal state of being, at least not on the show. 🙂

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