I’m Pretty Sure You Remember Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko

Here are Igor Pedan and Vladimir Kalinichenko wearing a bearmythology-approved tight-fitting spandex and shorts, respectively.

And, more importantly, here are our favorite musclebear and musclechub being shirtless again…

Unfortunately, Igor Pedan is a victim of horrible photography as he’s in the middle…

Gotta love that cute bulldog face… *sighs*

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6 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure You Remember Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko”

  1. Russian politic is not the best nowadays but…

    its strongmen are !

    And these colors!

    Pink skin and flesh, grey hairs and black eyes.


  2. Yay, lovely sexy Igor! with the hot hot tent in spandex.. and 1 2 3 4, and 5 big husky muscle bear specimens.. YUM YUM YUM 🙂

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