Old Man Winter: “Ski Utah” Interactive Flash Ad

My buddy, Yan, who had introduced me to Shane Jacobson has pointed me out to this cute interactive commercial of a shirtless daddy bear for Ski Utah.

Click on the photo to go to the site

I must confess, it took me awhile to dress the daddy bear up.  I mean, really.  Would you?  ^_^

Anyway, make sure to keep trying everything else EXCEPT for the jacket…  “This is NOT Rocket Surgery!”  Lol.

3 thoughts on “Old Man Winter: “Ski Utah” Interactive Flash Ad”

  1. I had a hard time dressing the daddy bear too. I’d much rather pull off his underwear! I wish he’s wearing briefs though.

    BTW, I’ve never heard of the expression. He probably meant Rocket Science or Brain Surgery.

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