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[A WORD FROM YOUR AUTHOR: I’m very excited to share this post, as it’s my very first interview.  More importantly, it’s an interview with Shane Morbid — a straight man who happens to be a pro-wrestler.  This is monumental to me because I feel like I had, in some small way, broken that barrier where the fears of gay men getting bashed and straight men receiving gay sexual advances are thrown out the window.  That, in a brief moment, we can compliment a straight man while our sexual orientation do not factor in any equation.  It’s just is.  So if there are closeted gay folk out there like me, rest assured that there are actually wonderful people in the world, just like Shane Morbid.  And, now, on to the interview…]

Pro-wrestling.  You either love it or you hate it.  You also either get it or you don’t.  It’s easy to discount pro-wrestling as just a “fake sport” but when you learn about the craft and dedication of these athletes, you find out that there is far more to it.  And as much as I love pro-wrestling due to some of its “eye-candy,” I must admit that I have learned a great deal about the life of a professional wrestler from my interview with Shane Morbid.

Shane Morbid (not his real name, of course) has been involved in the pro-wrestling business for 6 years.  He has wrestled all over Oklahoma, parts of Texas, and as well as Arkansas.  He is in his mid-20’s but he has admitted that his body feels much older than that, due to the physical nature of his profession.  He’s also a very down-to-earth man who has made this interview as pleasant as possible.  Thank you, sir!

To start off, check out this great video news article about pro-wrestlers from the CXW federation.  There are things he said in the video which I later asked him to elaborate on…

(higher quality version)

I started when I was 17. I am almost 23 now and
I feel like I am a 40 year old man.

My body is so banged up. Got scars on my head. Got
scars on my body. Dislocated fingers, concussions.

They feed off the palm of your hand. Whether you’re
a bad guy or you’re a good guy. You can just suck
that crowd in. Better than a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
You know you got it.

It’s kinda like being god. When you can be god for
10 or 15 minutes and have the people believe in
everything you say is real.

Can you please elaborate more about your comment about “like being God” in reference to your relationship with your audience/fans/foes?

Well, without the fans there wouldn’t be Shane Morbid.  Without foes there wouldn’t be Shane Morbid.  It’s kinda like being in a physical play.  I play the leading role and my job is to draw in an audience.  Thus, for making me like god, I must capture everyone’s attention for how ever long my match is or my promo.

I enjoy doing what I do.  If I can draw someone in who had a tough week or a bad day and I can piss them off to were they forget about what happened that week or that day and they are focusing on giving me the “what for” talk then I have done my job and entertained them.  I take lots of pride in my work.

After a match, do you tend to experience a lot of pain afterward?  Has your pain threshold increased the more experience you get with wrestling?

Well, what I have learned is no matter how many years you have been in the wrestling biz, your body never gets used to it.  I have blown out my shoulder and dislocated my fingers.  Concussion after concussion.  And, still, I keep doing it.  (laughs)

What are your preparations before every match?

I tend to step away from everything and everyone. I do that to get mentally ready, especially for a big show or match.

Do you prefer being a heel or being a babyface?

Heel.  I don’t like to kiss the fans’ asses.  I like being a jerk.  It’s fun.

What is your favorite wrestling move?

Well, that would be my new finisher which is called the “Mustache Driver” (aka Reverse BrainBuster).  My other move was the one that you were referring to as the back splash.  It’s called a “Senton.”

[Author’s Note: I was telling Shane about how I love his “Back Splash” move and the fact that I was making up that wrestling term myself.  Basically, his opponent is lying on the mat while Shane hops over him then “splashes” his whole body backwards onto his foe.  It’s a fantastic move.]

What makes a great and memorable wrestling match?

That’s a good question.  I think it would have to be someone that you have the most fun with — the one that can bring out the best in you.  I have had very few guys that could to that.  But the ones that have done that are the ones who I enjoy working with the most.

As far as most memorable match.  Damn.  That is a tough one.  I have done anything from “Cage Matches” to “Bullrope Barbed Wire matches.”  I guess it would have to be when I won the SRPW X-division title.  It was the first time that I got a standing ovation.

Who are your wrestling heroes?

I wouldn’t say that I would have any heroes, but there are guys that I studied.  Terry Gordy, Dick Murdoch, Brusier Brody, Samoa Joe, CM Punk before the WWE, Chris Jericho before WWE, Mikey Whipwreck, The 4 Horsemen.  The list could go on and on.

What made you get involved in pro-wrestling?  What is the appeal of this career?

I have always been a fan or a pro-wrestler ever since I was able to remember.  Wrestling was a huge part in my life.  I knew, at the age of 8, that that was what I wanted to do.

I started training when I was 18 right out of high school.  I got my first match about 6 months after training.  Have been in the biz ever since.

I’ve always wondered about pro-wrestlers’ children and how they would react if their father’s a “heel” and they’re in the audience “booing” at their fathers.  As you have two children, will you have them be part of the audience when you are at work?  What is your opinion about other pro-wrestlers’ children being part of the show?

Well, my kids are way too young to go to the shows and watch me work.  Other wrestlers bring their kids to the shows.  I work them just like any other fed.  As a matter of fact, this past Saturday night, I made one of them cry.  Making kids cry at wrestling shows is AWESOME.  Now I know that sounds mean and cruel.  But that lets me know that I am an OMEGA HEEL!  Which means I do my job very, very well…

How comfortable are you when wrestling in such a “revealing” wrestling attire?

I am very comfortable now.  I used to wear a singlet.  It took quite some time to get used to wearing trunks.  But, finally, Cothern talked me into it.  And the rest, well, is history.  (laughs)

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Cast-Iron Cothern is Shane Morbid’s good friend and tag-team partner of “The Gentlemen Thugs”.]

I must say that I miss the black mohawk.  I’ve noticed that you have grown out your hair and made it blonde.  So what’s the current look of Mr. Endurance “Sugar” Shane Morbid?  Will the trunks stay or will you change your attire?

Well, I cut the stache off and just grew out a beard.  So now I have blond hair and a beard.  Mr. Endurance is an ego-maniac, a womanizing asshole who doesn’t take shit from no one!  With a sprinkle of sugar for the dames. (laughs)

Can you please tell us the pro-wrestling federations you are currently involved in?

I have wrestled for SWCW, CXW, Compround Pro, SRPW, TPW, TAP, MSW, MSWA, TTW, OCW, NWA-U, WWG, MWA.

I am currently working for Compound Pro, MSW, MSWA, MWA, and TAP.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Morbid.  Do you have any last words to your fans?

People, what you have read is just PURE “Endurance”!  HAHAHAHA!!!

That concludes my interview with the most awesome — and, of course, handsome — Shane Morbid.  As an update, The Gentlemen Thugs had just become the Tag Team Champs of Compound Pro Wrestling this past Saturday.  Congratulations, Shane and Cothern!  And a BIG “Thank You” again to Shane for honoring me with this interview.  I hope that I have proven to be of PURE Endurance.  ^_^

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