Shirtless Saturday: Oh. My. God.

[EDIT: Alright, guys, I got it.  🙂  I must say that I was a victim of wishful thinking and Photoshop tampering.  The head is indeed Kevin Smith, but the body is definitely not him.  I apologize to those who had prematurely suffered through heart seizures, brain aneurysms, and even death.  So, unfortunately, I guess we will NEVER get to see Mr. Kevin Smith shirtless.  Which is very unfortunate because he is a very beautiful man.  I think if we think long and hard enough about a shirtless Kevin Smith, we’ll enter his subconscious and he’ll eventually honor us with his bearish physique…  Again, I apologize, but either way, this body is nevertheless quite woofy…  *sighs*]

I never knew that I would EVER see Kevin Smith shirtless.  And, now, not only is he shirtless, he’s FREAKING REVEALING TO US HIS ARMPIT!

Ahem…  Excuse me for a minute…

*visual cortex and brain EXPLODE*

Stare at that photo in awe, ladies and gents.  Stare.  In.  Awe.

MUCHO HUMONGOUS THANKS to my wonderful friend, Erl, for sharing this in the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group.  This crazy world had just gotten a little better for blessing us with that FANTASTIC photo.

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16 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Oh. My. God.”

  1. It’s for sure a fake for several reasons. 1) Kevin wears a shirt when he fucks his WIFE- no WAY he’d willing to have a picture taken of him shirtless. 2) He has a tattoo on each forearm- one says “HARLEY’S” (his daughter) and the other says “JENNY’S” (his wife) and another one on his shoulder that he won’t show people, so no idea what it is.

    But it IS fun to think about, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Yeah the pic is a bit foobared. But it is a nice pic anyway. Though I did ‘hear’ recently that he was wanting to lose weight to save his life. Um…Those Cancer Sticks he sucks on are far more deadlier and a HUGE turn off then any extra pading can be, no matter what his size is. Considering also, the taxes on those things in the U.S., you would need to make quiet a bit of change to keep the habit up. But he is bear friendly in many ways and I wouldn’t entirely be surprised if he did pose in some way for maybe a friend or who knows.. He might have got wind of this and …. One can never tell with Kevin Smith.

  3. so…’s fake? aww….
    well you did a great job with the photoshop effects hell I couldn’t tell….but still damn..

  4. This is a fake. Kevin Smith is way fatter and lumpier and that torso does not match his body size. Plus, look at the fade on the beard on the left size, photoshop 101.

  5. Yeah, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fantasy, but I don’t think Mr. Smith has a profile on BearCiti.
    (Look @ the bottom right corner)

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