Taking A Break…

As much as I enjoy doing the blog, there are times when I feel that I’m just making enemies instead of friends.  I oftentimes can’t believe and understand the negative, and sometimes, hostile feedback I’d get and it does take a toll on me.  This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing place, but it oftentimes becomes a place where I end up annoying or even disturbing others.

So, I think that I need to take a break.  I just want to let you guys know that I’d be gone for a bit.  I really don’t want to, but my sanity requires it.

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  1. the most important thing is that you have to love what you do, and I hope you still love to post here and post here for love, even if sometimes you need a break 🙂

  2. No problem, man, we’ll all be waitin for ya when you come back. Hope you get what you need and figure out what you need to fix. Take care.

  3. Alright, guys, first of all… WOW! I told myself not to get involved in the discussion here, but you guys are just way too awesome and I have to comment…

    Thank you very much. I was not expecting all of these positive feedback at all. You all have cured my recent ailment. Seriously, thank you guys… 🙂 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I don’t want to get in to the details, but the main reason I wanted to go on a “break” is because there are things I need to rectify with the blog. Trust me, I can handle the trolls and haters; and I do and will fight these online cretins with a smile on my face. Unfortunately, my other issues stem from the very nature of this blog. I am learning (sometimes, painfully) that there are ethical standards I need to maintain and take heed of. That is all I have to say. I figure I owe you guys some explanation about why I need a break.

    But, yes, unfortunately, I still need a break. There are things I need to correct and patch up. I should be back for “Shirtless Saturday” or maybe I’d be back sooner than that. You guys are just *not* making it easy for me. Your positive vibe is just way too infectious. Again, seriously, thank you…


  4. Man, I understand lettin the negative get you down…please come back soon. There are those of us I’m sure who visit your blog every day…I know I do. Not only do you find some outrageously hot guys’ pics to post, you also have some funny insights you impart on us. We need you. Come back soon…

  5. I’ve just come back here and i want to leave one more comment: i miss your genuine love for bears.

  6. Come baaaaaaack.
    We miss you! (Well, mostly the hot guys, but your comments and writing are very much appreciated)

  7. I love this site too and I am still keeping on checking it hoping you’ll come back. I want to let you know that tonight I had a dream about this site: in the dream I was browsing on internet and checking this site as usual and I found out that you came back and in this comments page there were about 65 positive comments for you… then you posted some new bear pics and you were happy to come back 🙂

    I hope at least this dream will come true soon 😀

  8. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing!

    I’ve always had a fascination with bears and big men (being one myself) and stumbled upon your awesome blog around a week ago.

    My busy college workload influenced me not to post when I felt like doing so yesterday, but after hearing your news I felt inclined to tell you how much I love this site.

    I’m sure half the people that read this site aren’t even close to as intelligent as you are.

    People will never understand how sexy and powerful these bears are, anyways. 😛

    Big bear hugs,

  9. I’ve never found a website, group or blog that hits what i want in a man so spot on as you do. If you are feeling that you need to move on for yourself then I will understand but be sad. If you are letting the haters get you down, well… It happens to us all every now and then no matter how strong, but you will grow from it and come back.

    I love the guys you’ve posted and have your blog bookmarked any decision you come to has my respect.

  10. Just found your blog a couple weeks ago. Its awesome and we all owe you a lot of gratitude for your time and effort. If theres haters slammin on you, fuck em, don’t let the bastards get you down buddy. Take what time you need, hope to see you back in the saddle soon.

  11. Bummer, a friend turned me on to this site, and it’s very enjoyable. Hopefully the positive feedback outweighs the negative.

    have a good rest

  12. eh, I’m gonna miss going to this blog every day@!
    I hope it’s not all because of the Kevin Smith photo. You’ve seen the youtube bit on bears and cubs right. I’m sure he’s got a great sense of humor about it all. Heck, I even fell for it when I saw it at first, though there was something wierd about it I couldn’t pinpoint…

  13. I’m sorry about the push to take a break. I really love this site. However, I do know the effect that the petty words from some random idiot online can have on one, so I can’t say that I blame you.

    This is definitely more easy for me to say than to make an example of, but the key to overcoming those losers is to not acknowledge them. Sure, they may try and they definitely will needle you until your last bit of patience is spent, but in the end, if you show that they’ve gotten to you, then they’ll see that their stupid childish games worked.

    Please, for all of our sakes, take as much time as you feel you need. Then, once you come back, you can be rest assured that the love will be waiting to come pouring back in.

    Take care, you! If you need anyone to talk to, you know how to find me 😉

  14. Sad to hear so :/
    It’s a great blog tho. I check it everyday, even though we do not share the exact same taste for big men I find some of them really… amusing here 🙂

    Take your time and rest, but do not be put down by those haters.

    Hope to see this blog back on activity soon!

    Hugs from Brazil. 🙂

  15. i’m sorry to hear that you were hurt by running this wonderful site.. Like many, I can’t imagine losing this great husky and bear site. I hope you’ll get a restful time to put things in perspective. I know it’s tough to run the site on www. You bear a lot of brunt ultimately for us. I hope you’ll come back to the helm sometime in spite of this and possible future negatives. Otherwise, I wish you all best for your life. Anyway, you have no reason to blame yourself. All you are doing is just so enlightening as much as enjoyable for bearlovers.

  16. :(((
    Visiting your blog is my daily pleasure. I’m sorry that people have got you down, and thank you for the pleasure you’ve given, and hope that you’ll be feeling up to the challenge of blogging here asap.

    Big Hugs

  17. No don’t go… I will give a donation to help you perhaps get the licenses you need for photos. Please put a PayPal link up so that I may make a contribution to show my undying support!@!

  18. It really is a shame you’re leaving, I hope you some back soon. I only started checking this site a couple of days ago, and I’m hooked! You really should be proud of the collection of perfectly bearish men you’ve gathered on here.

  19. Well I concur with the comments made earlier, It’s very unfortunate that one or two anonymous people get their kicks by spreading hate from blog to blog. Fucking ridiculous. Anyways, I for one wanted to thank you for your daily effort and the surprising finds you manage to produce again and again. I commend you and wish you the best during this break! Muscle Cubs RULE!

  20. Hey it’s your number one fan! How about a little positive feedback, that you don’t get to hear on a daily basis?

    1. I check this site every day. It is easy to use, it’s light-hearted, and it’s just freakin; fun!

    2. Your site brings our community together! It has to be noted, we ARE a minority. Not all people understand that we aren’t going to go rape their children with torches and pitchforks. Men being attracted to burly men isn’t new, but something that was so secretive even 100 years ago, that us being open and public about it IS incredibly new (and possibly frightening!).

    3. Just one more thing. BEAR HUGS!!!!

    Don’t feel too bad about what negative people say. Everyone has an opinion, granted, and there is nothing wrong with your opinion to be one of deafness to negativity. So there. 🙂

    Have a great hiatus!

  21. I found your blog only a couple of days ago, after a Google search for Warren Sapp 🙂 Sorry to hear that you’re taking a break, but completely understand. There are plenty of us who appreciate your work.

  22. Gotta say, since I stumbled across your work here, I’ve been an amused and grateful fan as well. There’s always something to brighten the day, and clearly we share an eye for the same standards of handsomeness, and then some. Most people who blog never actually know how many people they reach, and the majority of those who appreciate the effort don’t take the time to say so. (Guilty to that, I plead.) So I wish you a pleasant respite, and I’ll check in periodically to hope for your rejuvenated return when the time is right. Thanks — seriously — for the effort.

  23. sad news 🙁 You know its hard for us husky men lovers to find a decent well run blog or site anywhere. I recently became aware of this place and its now part of my celeb checking ritual. Goddamn haters !!!!!Everyones just gotta simma-dah-nah. Have a good break and you know we will all be here waiting for your return.

  24. Dude, get some rest and forget the haters. What prissy ass queen would give you negative feedback rather than just surfing over to their beloved twink sites? Fuck ’em I say!

    Can’t wait for your return….I check it every day!
    big huc, claybearva

  25. Do what you have to do, but fuck the haters. Who would dare coming onto someone’s personal blog, where he kindly and constantly shares hot guys within a somewhat small and niche community, and leave critical comments? What assholes.

    Take whatever time you need.

  26. You just need to ignore the haters. I love bearmythology and will miss the updates. And I hope that these messages of support put a little bit of happiness back into you. 🙂 Love.

  27. This is the second time i visit your site and i think its great. Its a shame that you are recieving negative feedback, if someone doesnt like the site, then why visit it then? i think is great to have a different blog that focus on big men for a change. Im sick of pages of feminine boys but that doesnt mean im gonna visit them and leave bad comments. Anyway, hope to see you back soon and if you want a friend Id be honored to be one 🙂 Hugs from mexico

  28. take care of yourself, I really enjoy and appreciate this blog, I’ll miss it, but I hope you’ll be back in only few days, cause now that I am used to check this blog every day, I can’t do without it 🙂 this is a point of reference for me 🙂
    greetings from Italy 🙂

  29. It’s very sad to read your news. You have made a great effort and time with this blog. I will miss you, take good care of yourself.

  30. Sorry that others are being negative. Take care of yourself, and know that all your efforts on celebrating bears are much appreciated. We’ll miss you, and hope you’ll be back soon!

  31. I for one really do appreciate what you have been doing. And without you we would have never gotten the chance to see all those wonderful John Goodman Pics or this great blog . Hope your batteries get re-charged and you Come Back Very Soon with more great stuff. Thanks Hoss

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