Hotfur: Episode 1

(higher quality version)

There’s a new webisode on YouTube that is hosted by three cute bears and the brainchild of Mr. Jonathan Robinson: Declan, Kevin, and my favorite from the Britain’s Next Bear Model competition, Sean.  The show is called Hotfur and it is definitely and suitably titled.  The following photos from the video are taken by the talented Kevin Allsopp





And as a bonus, here is Sean and Raff working — ahem — hard at the office…  That’s what he said!


office-britains-next-bear-model-005Every office should have an ample amount of staples, paper clips, and rubber…
Man, you guys have such raunchy minds…  -_^


3 thoughts on “Hotfur: Episode 1”

  1. I like Sean. There’s something captivating about his bearish looks, somewhat playful and mischievous. What can I say, I am smitten-silly. 😛 Thanks, Kuya Will.

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