Two Woofy Tuesday: Damian Abraham Vs. Max Flövik


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting two hard rocking musicians who are balding, bearded, husky/chubby, and are oftentimes shirtless or even semi-nude.  Hello, daddy!  So, as always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest balding, bearded, husky/chubby, and oftentimes shirtless or semi-nude hard rocking musician: Damian Abraham of Fucked Up or Max Flövik of Lillasyster?

Big “Thank Yous” to the most awesome Chubarama for introducing me to Fucked Up and Medonje Serbian Gay Bear Blog for introducing me to Lillasyster.

Here are some videos from both groups…

6 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday: Damian Abraham Vs. Max Flövik”

  1. max is sweet and lovely, but since Damian “lost,” my accolade to Damian!! Very hot man and he got a “volume!” plus, he is a lead singer so he gets more attention naturally.. and oh, i canot help i love his awesome voluminous big butt always half of it on display for gay bear lovers 😉 😛

  2. Will,I love your taste In men but sometimes hate picking between 2. I’ll just coin toss & say you cant lose with these guys.

  3. f***, i can’t decide on this.. very good one.. both are ultra hot.. my lust went to the extreme.. Good one, will..adore both men.

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