Stuck In Folsom Prison With This Beefy Warden Brute

[EDIT: Massive Big Hugs to Bearserk for giving us the Bear411 on this fantastic specimen of a BigMuscleBear, Barry Bishop (aka Beelzecub).  The actual music video is here: Awake O’Sleeper.  Also, check out the Behind-The-Scenes of the video. From Mr. Bishop’s links, he also appears to be FuckZombie…  You just gotta check it out.]


BassBoom of Real Thick Yahoo Group just uploaded this video that made me want to commit crime (such as watching Bromance on MTV*) so that I would be lucky enough to be punished and under the strictest of supervision by a massive and goonish warden brute…  And if anybody knows who this woofy bull is, please let us know!  It also looks like it might be from a music video the way the camera was basically zooming in and out on this beautiful beast.  Lord, have mercy.  Talk about a stunning prison fantasy brought to life.

* Hopefully my irony is not lost in my insulting a gay heterosexual show as I’m hoping for a “Brutemance” with this monster…

Actual full video is here: Whitestone’s Awake O’Sleeper
Behind The Scenes of the Making of Music Video

















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11 thoughts on “Stuck In Folsom Prison With This Beefy Warden Brute”

  1. I met Barry many years ago in Nashville at a Conductors run, what a hunk! I am so very happy to see that he has just gotten better with age! Yummy!

  2. Hey bud! A friend of mine just told me that I had been featured on your Bear Mythology in the music video for Awake O’Sleeper.

    I am honored to be included on such a cool website. Thanks for all the kind words and best of luck in 2009!

    Big hugs from Atlanta!

    Barry Bishop

  3. OMG! A million Woofs! I want to be in this prison and be his (oral) bitch! He looks bearlicious…I want some bear meat now!

    The video says embedding disabled by request 🙁

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