Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Phil Martin


Musclebear Heinz Ollesch won the poll when he was pitted against musclechub Phil Martin.  I mentioned in the Woofy Winner Wednesday result that I was currently 0-for-3, so that meant that I would have voted for Mr. Phil Martin.


My body preference tend to lean towards the husky/chubbier types which was why I would have chosen Mr. Martin over the German Beast, Mr. Ollesch.  However, Heinz is definitely a magnificent specimen and I’m not completely discounting him.  I love Phil Martin a bit more because he is just so huggable!  Also, I am completely attracted to his handsome face.  Heinz has this brutish look while Phil has this approachable yet intimidating look that I just go nuts for.  He also reminds me of this daddy bear actor, Bill Smitrovich:

bill-smitrovitch-01Bill Smitrovich from the tv series, Life Goes On

gerrit-badenhorst-and-phil-martinGerrit Badenhorst and Phil Martin
(I can’t seem to find Gerrit’s official site; I know that he’s slimmer now
and is currently a singer…)



Finally, here are more screenshots of the ever wooftiful Phil Martin in a sumo garb.  Check out more photos of my favorite musclebear in such a fantastic sportswear


philmartin-sumo1_111Kevin Toth is on the right…  Definitely another one of my musclechub fantasy…

philmartin-sumo1_096Hmmmmm…  -_^









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7 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Phil Martin”

  1. These men of Strongmen are perfect. Big, muscular bulk covered by a delicate layer of fat. Phil Martin’s shape is amazing. I would rank him at the top of a Hottest Strongmen list. Along with him are Don Reindhout, Bruce Willhelm, Mark Phillippi and Phil Pfister.

    They are GODS.

  2. i found this site within the last 20 minutes. now i have no reason to ever leave the house….did you notice pubic hair in one of those photos?
    these pics should be given an award of some type.

  3. Phil is hothothot and appears to be a regular bloke you could just hang with. Absolutely awesome body and very handsome. Glad to see more of him!

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