Shirtless Bear With A Beeper Holding A Beer

shirtless-bear-with-beer-and-beeperGot this photo sometime in 2000 and not sure who he is…

This is quite possibly my most uncreative post title ever.  And with that, here’s a haiku in seven parts…

Big bear is shirtless
Beeper, beer, tattoos, and fur

One-fourth of man’s head
Ruining this perfect pic
Can’t even get head

Shirtless, goateed bear
Staring at man’s one-fourth head
Says “No” to BJ

Arm with bear tattoos
A gecko crawls on his chest
Kneeling man, blue balls

Why can’t I get head
Snakeskin belt too tight, bear said
I kick his balls… missed!

Big bear removes belt
One-fourth head and blue balls smiles
Gets beat down instead

Beeper beeps and beeps
“Having fun with your blind date?”

3 thoughts on “Shirtless Bear With A Beeper Holding A Beer”

  1. His name is Terry and he’s in South Florida — he’s gained a few pounds a looks even hotter now! He goes by ThermalBear online sometimes, because he’s so hot blooded. He sure made me sweat!! WOOF!

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