Ernie Beath Is The PatrioticHighlander


Thanks to good buddy, BigNHusky, we now know who that massive, massive powerlifting musclechub: PatrioticHighlander from YouTube (real name is Ernie Beath).  In his YouTube page, he said that he’s in the process of writing a strength book.  Wow.  A powerlifter and a writer.  Awesome combination.

Here are two videos where we get to see Mr. Ernie Beath doing lifts while shirtless.  Unbelievably.  Spectacular…

This is the video where someone got that awesome
screenshot I posted…

2 comments on “Ernie Beath Is The PatrioticHighlander

  1. BigNHusky says:

    hey buddy, no prob and glad to share. He is a mighty brute, massively strong and fucking HAWT.

  2. Mason says:

    Holy Moses this guy is HOT!! I’m digging the heck out of him listening to death metal while he’s lifting in that first clip too.

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