Shirtless Saturday: Peter Kay

Life’s not looking too sweet right now.  I might be out of the job, my baby dog’s in his twilight, and I have a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe.  What can you do, y’know?

Thankfully, during such tough times, I get to find such comfort in seeing such lovely bears.  Above is a video clip from Max & Paddy’s Road To Nowhere.  The handsome chubby bear is Peter Kay.

7 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Peter Kay”

  1. And yeah, video’s hot… but it was kind of a turn off when I saw the big guy next to him wearing black briefs/speedos.

  2. Facing your dog’s inevitable loss every time you look into that beloved grey face is the pits. I am thinking of you. Just remember that any dog that gets to die of old age is a very, very lucky dog indeed. You are a good dog dad!

  3. I’m truely sorry about your whole situation. That really sucks. I hate having gum stuck on my shoes.
    Things’ll get better.

    and Peter Kay is gorgeous.

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