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Shirtless Saturday: Peter Kay

Life’s not looking too sweet right now.  I might be out of the job, my baby dog’s in his twilight, and I have a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe.  What can you do, y’know?

Thankfully, during such tough times, I get to find such comfort in seeing such lovely bears.  Above is a video clip from Max & Paddy’s Road To Nowhere.  The handsome chubby bear is Peter Kay.

Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot/photo from a movie/tv and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and where the shot is taken from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-03-27Who is the woofy daddy bear with that funky Commander uniform?

On Shirtless Saturday, we talked about BruteMythology in art form

…and BruteMythology in real life.

On Goonday Moonday, we got to meet with massive Australian strongman and powerlifter, Warrick Brant.

If I was in heaven and got to pick a cloud, I’ll pick this Tag Cloud and die with even further happiness.

Late-Breaking News: A photo from the year 2000 of a shirtless bear with a beeper showed up.

Ernie Beath (aka YouTube’s PatrioticHighlander) showed up in videos where he was lifting weights while shirtless.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

David is correct for answering “Bruce M. Fischer” from the film, Escape From Alcatraz.  He also mentioned that it was a “hot scene” and I am in completely agreement.  The scene was meant to provoke fear and disgust for our straight brethren, but his character Wolf, I thought, was pretty polite about the whole prison rape thing (lol).

Anyway, it’s just a movie where where we get to see a big bear of a man gets nude, but instead of getting it on, he gets beat up on — the painful kind.  Still, because of this very scene, I have had many fantasies when I was younger where I would be lathering up the big guy.  He then would not rape me because all he wanted was to receive a proper bath…  (I know, my fantasies are pretty lame.)
















Stuck In Folsom Prison With This Beefy Warden Brute

[EDIT: Massive Big Hugs to Bearserk for giving us the Bear411 on this fantastic specimen of a BigMuscleBear, Barry Bishop (aka Beelzecub).  The actual music video is here: Awake O’Sleeper.  Also, check out the Behind-The-Scenes of the video. From Mr. Bishop’s links, he also appears to be FuckZombie…  You just gotta check it out.]


BassBoom of Real Thick Yahoo Group just uploaded this video that made me want to commit crime (such as watching Bromance on MTV*) so that I would be lucky enough to be punished and under the strictest of supervision by a massive and goonish warden brute…  And if anybody knows who this woofy bull is, please let us know!  It also looks like it might be from a music video the way the camera was basically zooming in and out on this beautiful beast.  Lord, have mercy.  Talk about a stunning prison fantasy brought to life.

* Hopefully my irony is not lost in my insulting a gay heterosexual show as I’m hoping for a “Brutemance” with this monster…

Actual full video is here: Whitestone’s Awake O’Sleeper
Behind The Scenes of the Making of Music Video

















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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

Hope everyone is having a great start on this ripe new year of 2009!

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-01-02Who is this very genial looking chubby bear?

The Bears In Games Podcast is an amazing new blog that’s been a long time coming.  If you love bearish men and video games, this place is specifically made just for you.

The Ghost of Christmas Present had paid us a visit with all of his woofy chest fur.

Shirtless Saturday: Ron Tarr is one chubby daddy bear of your dreams.

It’s a battle of two woofy drummers on Two Woofy Tuesday: Dave Buckner versus Ringo Garza.

Greg Grunberg was your pick for Woofy Winner Wednesday.

Happy New Year’s Day from BearMythology, Cledus T. Judd, and 6 of your Woofy Winner Wednesday bears.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

The woofy bearish prisoner is Chris Bauer from Face/Off.  I remember watching it in the theaters back in ’97 while trying to take a “memory screenshot” of all the names that showed up during the end credits.  Since he was Russian, I kept an eye out on any Russian-sounding name.  And, bingo!  Ivan Dubov.  And for your viewing pleasure, here is Mr. Bauer as Mr. Ivan Dubov.  I will definitely “Du” Ivan.  Bov times!  😛






Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Money Talks”)

I remember watching the next film in theaters and wasn’t expecting such a treat of a scene: Chris Tucker is jabbing away inside a prison cell while Faizon Love starts to strip and makes his move on the oblivious Chris.  The film is titled…

Money Talks

I don’t even remember why I saw Money Talks in the theaters, but I was glad that I did.  I remember anxiously waiting for it to come out on VHS (lol) so that I could get to relive that scene over and over again.  So thank the heavens for the DVD re-release.

Anyway, I still find it so crazy that most people are “supposed” to find this scene hilarious, yet with a sprinkle of disgust and even fear; while the rest of us would find this to be the most erotic scene ever.  Not that prison rape is “good,” it’s just that Faizon’s character was not even threatening at all.  Or perhaps, my “bear blinders” is keeping me from making a subjective assessment.  Hmm, you make the call.  Here’s a clip from the film.

(higher quality version)

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“Big Stan”: Rob Schneider Directs Randy Couture, Don Frye, Big Spence, And Bob Sapp

Wow.  What a lineup.

Rob Schneider marks his highly-anticipated directorial debut film about a mixed-martial arts coach falsely-accused of murder and sentenced to life in prison.  He ends up in San Quentin where he finds redemption through the prison’s yearly MMA tournament.  With the hot-tempered and brawny Bob Sapp, the quiet Randy Couture, the experienced Don Frye, and the eager young Big Spence, Rob Schneider learns the true meaning of courage and of life.

Well, not that it’s a better synopsis, but basically the film is about me wishing I was Rob Schneider and being able to work with four ridiculously hot and woofy bears…

Bob Sapp strips, gets beat up, then gets stripped further down
to his leopard-designed undies*?  Consider me sold!

Once the Quicktime trailer comes around, we’re gonna get us some better screenshots.  In the meantime, you can catch the trailer here:


* Apparently, leopard-designed undies seem to be the underwear of choice for big and buffed black muclebears

EDIT: Ugh.  I’ve misspelled Mr. Randy Couture’s name.

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Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor: There Should Be More NBA Players Like This Bear

…Unfortunately, he won’t be playing anytime soon in the NBA as he’s now playing professionally in Puerto Rico — while serving probation and home confinement during the offseason.  You see, Mr. Traylor had pleaded and was found guilty for tax fraud and there’s a tragic story surrounding it in this article: Tractor Traylor Derailed.  His story would make a great movie.

<sighs> … Another big woofy bear that I’ll be missing in the sports channels…  As a tribute to the woofiest bear in the NBA (sorry, Shaq), here’s a collage of Robert the Tractor Traylor: