Shirtless Saturday: Tyler Labine In “Reaper”


Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-13

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been vegging for most of the day, just sleeping and doing literally nothing productive.  The good part is that I got to digest some pop culture knowledge that I’ve been sorely lacking lately.  Anyway, because of this, I finally bought and more importantly “watched” the Season 1 DVD of Reaper…  And, wow, it instantly became one of my favorites.  It also helps that Tyler Labine‘s Bert ‘Sock’ Wysocki is just utterly loveable.

Tyler Labine Reaper 01

Well, it’s Shirtless Saturday, and here is the eternally cute and shirtless Tyler Labine in Season 2 of Reaper (Episode 7).

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-01

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-03

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-04

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-07

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-09

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-10

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-14

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-15

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-18

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-20

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-21

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e07-22

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15 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: Tyler Labine In “Reaper”

  1. Tommy says:

    Okay, I spent all my time waiting for a shirtless shot of Tyler Labine in all of season 1 of Reaper. This season, however, I have let my DVR record all the shows and not gotten off my fat ass to watch them yet. One thing or another has kept me from doing it. Thanks for putting this up, it has inspired me to watch the damn things finally! I’ve had a thing for Tyler for a long time cuz he resembles an ex of mine. WOOF!

  2. cko says:

    Yeah so I don’t really fit the demographic but that’s cool. If you want to keep seeing Tyler in a third season, help us save this show at We’ve talked with one of the creators, maybe we could pull some strings for more shirtlessness.

  3. hi says:

    fuking wowww

    what season/episode is this from??

  4. DG says:

    hi: Season 2 Ep 7 as stated in the article. Yes the pics are too amazing, but reading does it for me too. 😀

    There are 2 videos on youtube of him shirtless… first is the trailer for a movie he did called Control Alt Delete and second is the making of a commercial he did as Sock. Check em out.

    And yeah… it’s those eyes. The belly helps too. Hawt.

  5. Buddy says:

    OMG! I’ve loved Tyler since Control! Cant wait to see him In his next movie-the name of which promises some WOOF shots of him!

  6. […] 2009 in Celebrity, Featured Links Good lord.  If the pic up above, start clickin’ over at BearMythology, where you can see copious amounts of Mr. Labine’s belly.  Unf unf […]

  7. j says:

    There was a commercial for Reaper where he had on just white briefs. Full body shot too, I think it was only on their website? It was before season 1

  8. funkychicken says:

    seriously. the movie control alt delete. you have no idea how much naked tyler labine one movie can handle. Saw it at the TIFF, eagerly waiting a wider release, hd or even just another trailer. Its fucking smokin.

  9. DG says:


    You mean this?

    His beard is not full on yet, so yeah I think it was before or during S01.

  10. Buddy says:

    DG-THANKS! for postin that video. I wouldn’t mind If Tyler didn’t have a full beard as long as he had a full load.

  11. Jarrod says:

    This guy is beyond hot, I would give anything to spend 10 minutes with his naked body.

  12. Alex says:

    SEXY. Plain and simple.

  13. Argentinoso says:


  14. SS11 says:

    Tyler Labine is so extremely gorgeous he was total woof in Tucker & Dale vs evil

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