Tyler Labine In A Steam Room

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-22

Reaper is officially over. It’s a shame as it’s truly one of the most entertaining TV shows out there.  Also, Tyler was born to play Bert “Sock” Wysocki and I will miss his further misadventures in this show.

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-28Mr. Lucifer, sir, where do I sign so that I could be that actor on the left?

Thank goodness that we got a somewhat semi-shirtless scene of Tyler Labine in Season 2, Episode 12.  Why did he leave that towel on his shoulders???!!!  He is so hot that it hurts like a mother.  *_*

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-02

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-05

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-08

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-09

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-12

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-14

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-16

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-24

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-26

Tyler Labine Reaper s02e12-29

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11 thoughts on “Tyler Labine In A Steam Room”

  1. You’ve got a great site man 🙂
    And Tyler is #1 on my list! Cutest chub ever. I’ll be watching Reaper soon enough. And you should all be interested in his new movie called Control Alt Delete.
    I know I am 😉

    Either way, great job with the site. I’ll be coming back 🙂


    And thank you for including which season and episodes these scenes are in. Saves me ALOT of trouble. Heehee.

  3. Tyler’s an unknown in my part of the world. I first heard about him on this site and OMG… I’m in luuuuurve!
    The Reaper DVD set is on order and I’m looking forward to devouring anything & everything featuring
    this gorgeous man I can get my hands on.
    Thanks for the intro 😉

  4. Yeah, Tyler has his own show but we’re thinking he’ll stay on Reaper too if it gets picked up for a third season, and give the difference between the shows, still a better chance that he’ll be shirtless in Reaper than Sons. Wanna help be sure that happens? Check out the Save Reaper campaign at reaperdmvdotcom!

  5. Actually, it’s looking more likely Tyler will be returning to Reaper. Industry insiders confirm Hollywood Reporter’s article that ABC Studios is actively trying to sell Reaper. Syndication is a very real possiblity right now, but EVERYONE is recommending writing your affiliates! Help out! Click on my profile to get all the details at ReaperDMV. Thanks!

  6. You probably won’t have to wait too long to see him back on network tv. He’ll be staring in a sitcom on Fox called “Sons of Tucson”.

  7. Reaper is over? That’s a shame. I really enjoyed that show. Where ever will i see my dear Tyler?

  8. Um,Will-why did he leave the towel on his shoulders? Why did he leave It round his waist??? He’s so hot he could of steamed up that room by himself. Hope we’ll see more of Tyler when his new film Is out. Be patient guys. If he’s been willing to show us this much of his talent,It’s only a matter of time before he lets us see how truly gifted he Is.

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