Shirtless Saturday: Don Pope

Don Pope flexing

I haven’t seen Don Pope in any strongman competitions lately, but he’s definitely a fine specimen of a musclebear.  He may not be “filled up” for my tastes but you just gotta fall in love with that handsome face.  He could pass for a brother of any of the Shane Twins.


And on this Shirtless Saturday, here we have the pretty-faced brute in all of his magnificent shirtless glory…

Don Pope shirtless

Don Pope shirtless 02

Don Pope Shirtless 03
Don Pope shirtless 04
Don Pope shirtless 05Nice.  We get a bonus shirtless Boris Haraldsson as well…

Don Pope shirtless 06Musclebear on the right ain’t too bad either…

Don Pope poolIf there was not a non-gay man in the crowd, I’m sure they are now…

Don Pope and Terry HollandsTerry Hollands and Don Pope’s awesome backside…

8 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Don Pope”

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  2. Don Pope is the perfect example of what a gay Bear should look like .He is undoubtedly on of the SEXIEST BEARS alive and it’s a D A M B shame that he’s not a proud gay man. Pitty, because he deffinately would make another man a very happy one,I know he would make me the happiest Bear chaser alive????!!! I realy SMAAK you Don Pope.MWAH:)

  3. Grrrr,Don poolside-everthings better when wet.Im up for water sports. I just love that little Cub smile! And the Musclecub on the left aint bad too.

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