Shirtless Saturday: The Massive Guns Of Jason Crystal & Mark Felix

Sometimes you see just one photo of a certain individual and you immediately feel tingly all over.  This is such the case with this one photo…

Jason Crystal

Unfortunately, my Googling skills have failed me.  I can’t seem to find further info about Jason Crystal.  I did find this photo at and I only found him when I was searching for Don Pope photos…  Actually I think I was googling Mark Felix — who has never really fancied my interest, but this photo set caught my attention loud and clear.  Yeah, my thought process when it comes to bearish men are pretty much of the stream-of-consciousness variety…

Mark Felix flexing

Mark Felix 02

Anyway, hope you eagle-eye sleuths could find more about Jason Crystal.  At the moment, all I could find are Friday The 13th information…  ^_^  With that, here’s a not-too-random photo of a favorite daddy bear of mine.  Anybody knows which TV series he is well-known from?


11 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: The Massive Guns Of Jason Crystal & Mark Felix”

  1. Love the pic of Jason with his huge hairy pecs bulging out. Nice guns too.Wouldn’t mind a hug from him.

    1. Chris Wiggins used to be in the 70’s TV series Swiss Family Robinson and did one of the voices on Rocket Robin Hood. No IMDB needed here for him.

  2. Chris Wiggins from Friday the 13th the television series. Knew that from the pic alone. He was a strong motivation for watching that series, but I did enjoy it on it’s own merits too.

  3. Hey man, the problem is that there are (and I don’t know know why exactly) two different spellings of his last name…Crystal and Kristal…using the latter, I found more information on him. For instance, he was suspended for refusing to take an out-of-competition drug test when he was to have already retired from powerlifting. However, that suspension is supposed to be up now. And some more pics of him here:

    Hope it helps!

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