Shirtless Saturday: Big B


Big B

That beautiful man above is none other than my local city’s beloved rapper, Big B (real name Bryan Mahoney).  He has been a staple of the Las Vegas’ music scene and you can see him in a couple of billboard posters in the city.  Here’s a couple of him promoting a pool bar called Rehab at the Palms Resorts Casino:

Palms rehab

Big B rehab promo 01

Big B rehab promo 02

Big B reminds me of a hybrid between Yankees pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, and one of my favorite woofy actor Brian Leckner (will post about this handsome man soon).  Unlike those two, Big B is oftentimes shirtless — proudly and comfortably showing his tatooed-filled body.  One word can come out of it: HOT.  As this is Shirtless Saturday, here are just a few music videos of him where he’s shirtless for most of the time…

He is actually singing with one of my favorite groups, OPM.

My all-time favorite song from Big B, “White Trash Life.”
(The way he’s rapping here, he sounds like Billy Milano.)

The following is not a “shirtless” video, though we get to see Big B in a prison outfit while he recreates for us what his “camel toe” looks like.  Much thanks for Big B’s daytime boss, Corey Hart (of Inked fame).  Yes, most musicians have a second job just to make ends meet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This is a behind-the-scenes for Big B’s latest music video, Sinner.
(More similar Big B videos on the Hart & Huntington site.)

And I just have to pimp OPM (been a big fan since their classic Heaven Is A Halfpipe) by posting one of their newest songs (Dirty White).  And not only is this a great song, we get to see Big B with a goatee!

Finally, here are more shirtless goodness from the lovely Big B.  All of the photos that have been posted here are from his MySpace page.

Big B Tattoos

Big B 05

Big B 10

Big B 11

Big B beard

Big B 03

Big B 04

Big B 08

Big B 09

And, finally, here’s a rebus for ya…

Big B 06

8 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: Big B

  1. Really? says:

    Good lord that man is hot. The one picture where he’s unshaven… sex-ay.

  2. Buddy says:

    2 votes for the stubble pic. This Bear gives me a BIG B! WOOF!

  3. JFrank says:

    oh goodness, i love OPM’s new album. and didn’t realize thats who was dropping in a few beats… might have to listen to it some more.

  4. j says:

    Yeah he needs facial hair 24/7…it doubles his hotness, if possible!

  5. BassBoom says:

    Oh nice one. I forgot about this guy…

  6. Aaron says:

    NIce face, good bod, I just don’t do that level of tatoos. Bit much even for a ‘yakuza’.

  7. Sam says:

    FK him. He got away with double murder in 1991 and now someone else is sitting in prison in AZ. Ask him about it, I’m sure he’ll be happy to tell you. I know, I grew up with this fool.

  8. Friend of a friend says:

    WoW!! Sam that’s not nice. Why would you say that? I’m sure if he did do what you say he did he would be in jail. who knows?

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