Happy Father’s Day From A MuscleDad



Bearstar, Dirk, had posted that beautiful photo from the Brotherhood Of Bears Yahoo Group.  I’m guessing that the photo behind him is his son or it could be him.  Either way, we are all unique clones.  And with that random jab at life and the universe, Happy Father’s Day!  ^_^

Check out last year’s Happy Father’s Day post.  Lol, yeah, I’m not exerting any effort at all for today’s post…

3 comments on “Happy Father’s Day From A MuscleDad

  1. Buddy says:

    I’d liked to see the other muscle flexed.

  2. […] always fascinated with all of the unique clones living in this pale blue dot world of ours.  I can’t help but think that we are just a bunch […]

  3. Paul says:

    His name is Marcello Migliore from chivilcoy, Argentina.

    He is actually gay. He leaves posts on nasser el sonbaty’s website stating he is in love with him etc.

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