Goonday Moonday: Shane Hamman’s Big Package Got In The Way

Strongman and musclebrute expert, Rich, shared that video clip of the woofy Shane Hamman from the 2004 Olympics in Athens in the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  In the video, Mr. Hamman was about to snatch the weights when something enormous got in the way.  Shane then gave a disappointed look, but little did he know, his musclebear fans just dreamily sighed a collective OMG.

Most of the following photos are from his MySpace Page.

Shane Hamman myspace 01

Shane Hamman nathans

shane hamman shuttle

Shane Hamman 201

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5 thoughts on “Goonday Moonday: Shane Hamman’s Big Package Got In The Way”

  1. Does any one have the Shane Hamman Screensaver from NBC’s 2004 Olympic website that they can post here? I used to have it on a disc but I can’t find it and the old website no longer exists. Any help in finding it would be most appreciated.

  2. OMG Is right Will!! My jaw dropped Into the basement at the sight of this! You know I’ve been a fan of his spandexed physical attributes for many years. Oh well,one Bears obstacle Is this Lupines opportunity.

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