Drew Powell: The 5 Stages Of Grief Of A TV Guest Star


Drew Powell shirtless 26

Drew Powell was a guest star of Leverage and its writers decided to create a mockumentary about Drew begging to be brought back to the show.  The result is hilarious with a sprinkle of SHIRTLESS scenes of Drew Powell.  WOW!

Drew Powell shirtless 01

Drew Powell shirtless 03

Drew Powell shirtless 05

Drew Powell shirtless 06

Drew Powell shirtless 10

Drew Powell shirtless 13

Drew Powell shirtless 14

Drew Powell shirtless 15

Drew Powell shirtless 18

Drew Powell shirtless 24

Drew Powell shirtless 25

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2 comments on “Drew Powell: The 5 Stages Of Grief Of A TV Guest Star

  1. roofer says:

    grrr man i love this guy! Kind of like a taller bigger Zach Galifianakis

  2. Daniel Becker says:

    I remember him from Malcom in the Middle as the schoolmate of the older brother in the military academy. Clean shaven, and almost thin body, you could tell he was special. I had a huge crush on him back then and looked forward with episodes with him in it. Over the years, he has morphed into a very tall, sexy hot chunky bear. Also, he has that “nice” friendly face which adds just as much to his overall sexiness as does his hot bulky bod. As with all really sexy bears, he has the attributes that puts him there – a large, baby smooth and soft face which is bearded and well porportioned to fit on his big and THICK angelic bear body. He makes this world just a bit better for being so darn good looking and not

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