Shirtless Saturday: MuscleCub Páll Logason Part Three


Pall Logason shirtless 202

One of the most popular Shirtless Saturday post is this musclecub monster, Páll Logason.  (Though I may have to start referring to him as a fully-fledged musclebear, especially with that awesome full beard he’s sporting.)  It’s just unfortunate that he shaves, but he has to do it due to the strongman competitions he would partake in.

You can find TONS more photos of Mr. Páll Logason in Vodvafikn-net’s Flickr Page.

Pall Logason shirtless 219

Pall Logason shirtless 201

Pall Logason shirtless 203

Pall Logason shirtless 212

Pall Logason shirtless 205

Pall Logason shirtless 210

Pall Logason shirtless 211

Pall Logason shirtless 214

Pall Logason shirtless 213

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6 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: MuscleCub Páll Logason Part Three

  1. PugBear says:

    Wow! Páll is hotter than hell! Thanks for all the good photos.

  2. Ric says:

    Short and strong. Hmmmmm!!! Love it. He’s dreamy. And he’s the type who’s gonna get hotter and hotter with age, I can feel it.

  3. BigNHusky says:

    Just about fucking perfect. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Tommy says:

    Very hot!! Thanks for finding this guy!

  5. Buddy says:

    Cubtastic! What a nut busting,cock hardening,fuck toy. I can see why KFC was sponsoring this event-he’s lick’in good but Its not his fingers I wanna wrap my tongue around.

  6. Argentinoso says:


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