[BearPit] Guy Fieri Wearking A Tanktop In Disneyland

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted with a “BearPit” tag on a subject header.  Heck, I’ve just unloaded my BearBeat fetish, so why not go all out with my armpit fetish as well?  Here is the woofy Guy Fieri from a series of videos in Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival.  Much love and gratitude to winkedinkie’s YouTube Channel for sharing this almost two-hour-long Guy Fieri goodness.  It’s definitely worth the watch and you learn a lot of fun things about him.  And, most especially, he’s wearing his company tanktop (Knuckle Sandwich).  So what does that mean?  Well, bonus armpits shots, what else is there?  -_^

For more screenshots, please visit the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Watch the whole epic series in winkedinkie’s YouTube Page

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6 thoughts on “[BearPit] Guy Fieri Wearking A Tanktop In Disneyland”

  1. This is a great picture sequence. Why? Guy is obviously aware of the cameraman and looking right at him. It’s also obvious he’s aware of what kind of photos this cameraman was interested in. It wasn’t the cooking and Guy knew it. This off the cuff reaction to the cameraman indicates experience dealing with gay men. Specifically, being the object of their lust and desire. I don’t think he likes it but I think he accepts it and has even figured out how to use it. I strongly suspect there was a gay classmate he knew in college that slyly convinced him to dye his hair blonde. He didn’t look like anything before but after he dyed his hair blonde he totally looked like gay bait. I don’t think he had a clue.

  2. OMG…Guy shaves his armpits. We can only pray he doesn’t shave “down there”.

    A catastrophe of sex appeal. I’m sure I’m like most people in that I want him to be husky and a little dangerous and savage. It’s what attracts me to him. I don’t want to copulate a dolphin.

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