[Unknown] Chubby Bear Zorro In The Bathroom

Masked Chubby Bear

I went to that url and it redirected me to an adult video on demand website, specifically its Gay Bears section.  I’m guessing that the guy in the photo is not in any video at all.  I’m also guessing that I fell for their advertising trickery!  However, does anybody know who this woofy stud is?

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3 thoughts on “[Unknown] Chubby Bear Zorro In The Bathroom”

  1. Bigboysrus.com closed because the owner was going into screanplay script writing and he didn’t want this site to be found and have himself be frowned upon for being the owner/creator.

    he went by Mystery Cub btw and he was a great guy.

  2. Man, I hate when that happens. I’ve been looking for blow-ups of the “Butch Magazine” “covers” for quite some time, and even if the porn site they want you to join had them (tho I’m sure they don’t), I wouldn’t. Just on principle.

    I hate getting nothing for something.

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