Shirtless Jerry Ferrara

I have only seen Season 1 of HBO’s Entourage, and I know that there was a swimming pool scene with Jerry Ferrara in it.  Anyway, did a Google search for “shirtless Jerry Ferrara” and I hit the mini-progressive jackpot:


I got the photo from and wish that the photo was not desecrated by that obnoxious demand.  Anyway, does anybody know if this screenshot is from Entourage?  And, if so, what season and episode is it from?

Jerry Ferrara as Turtle

Anyways, here is a compilation of Jerry Ferrara as Turtle…

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3 thoughts on “Shirtless Jerry Ferrara”

  1. He was shirtless a few times in season 5, he lost some weight and wanted to show it off it seems 🙂 he’s so hot

  2. Jerry is my favorite character on Entourage. This picture is a screen grab from Season 5 Episode 1. In the beginning of that episode, Vince is living on the beach in Mexico. That particular frame is when Turtle gets a call from E.

    By the way, from that same website, there is a post with another picture of Jerry in which he appears to have lost the weight.

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