Shirtless Saturday: Ludovic Berthillot In “The Venus Project”

Ludovic Berthillot - The Venus Project 04

Finally, I got to post a Shirtless Saturday edition of the fantastically bullgoonish, Ludovic Berthillot.  Thanks to Y (the resident Ludovic Berthillot expert), he pointed us to this short film called The Venus Project.  He shows up at the 8:26 mark.

Warning: Boobie shots at that moment as well (lol, I totally missed them).

Check out more screenshots of a shirtless LB on the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Ludovic Berthillot The Venus Project collage

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7 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Ludovic Berthillot In “The Venus Project””

  1. you get to see him fully naked and his nice cock and balls (he’s in it at about 01:01:04), in our paradise (2011)

  2. hi, i saw yesterday “le roi de l’évasion”, he’s bare chest a lot of time in movie, bare ass, but no full frontal, some very explicit scene (with a girl and men) the movie is very “strange” very “indie”, is not very good but i very enjoy the moments with “ludovic”-half naked and the gay background from the movie.

    1. Hi, y. Wow, thank you for the update and review. I’m a film snob by nature so I might like this very “strange” & “indie” film. 🙂 I’m really excited to see it, and of course, to finally watch Mr. Berthillot as a leading man.

      Not that I was expecting a full frontal, but it’s a shame that they would do away with that. I don’t expect every gay film to have a full frontal but considering the nature of the story (a gay man considering going straight), I thought that it’s something that should be part of the film. But then again, he is with an underage girl, so I guess that kinda negates it.

      Either way, love the fact that LB shows his bare chest for most of the film’s running time. Man, if it gets released in the U.S., it’s probably gonna be in two years or so. 🙁 I’ll be on the lookout for the eventual Region 2 DVD (thank the heavens for AnyDVD).

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