Shirtless Saturday: David DeLuise In “Vampires Suck”


I try not to be a movie snob, but I can’t help it when movies like “Vampires Suck” do well financially while films such as “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” “Kick-Ass,” and “Let Me In” do horrible business (just goes to prove that the popularity level of such geek-centric flicks are somewhat akin to gay-centric films).

Anyway, more often than not, these parody films will always include a jab or two at our larger and husky brethren.  Jareb Dauplaise, for example, was unfortunately poked fun of in both “Meet The Spartans” and “Epic Movie.”  But, hey, we got to see skin and no one is really twisting my arms to watch these abominations.  So just go ahead and continue to give us our bears and chubs in all of their natural glory.

With that superficial rant out of my system, here’s David DeLuise getting all shirtless in “Vampires Suck.”  In these screenshots, he revealed a physique molded by his dedication to “Mixed Martial Arts, Tae Bo, and Yogalates.”  Okay, so, um, maybe I kinda lol’ed at that.

And you know what?  I am definitely itching to watch just his scene on Blu-Ray…

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13 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: David DeLuise In “Vampires Suck”

  1. bruce stratton says:

    ah, yes. the staggering drawing power of a fat man named de luise! he is quite a pretty sight. thanx!

  2. G says:

    One could never accuse you of being a movie snob; a real movie snob would have, without seeing it, denounced “Let Me In” in favour of the original Swedish film, “Let the Right One In”. 😉

    I wonder if the above makes me a movie nerd?

  3. Sabude8bit says:

    He is a handsome bear, but a little more hair would be sexy ! 🙂

  4. Erling Jacobsen says:

    I believe he was also the voice of Coop in Cartoon Networks show “Megas XLR”. Coop is just yummy !

  5. thomas says:

    that man gets me goin can’t help it
    he’s the only reason i watch wizards of waverly place

  6. MJD says:

    OMG! I love him! I saw this movie in theatres and was completely amazed just by this part!!! I also watch Wizards of Waverly Place, but only for him…Hmm…I’m in love with a man I’ll never meet…

  7. Argentinoso says:


  8. D.J says:

    Sexy David Del is so sexy

  9. D.J says:

    I love him let have sex bitch

  10. bobbie says:

    I love body he was wonderful muscles

  11. bobbie says:

    I love body he was wonderful muscles and nice stomic

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