Super Shirtless Saturday: “The Monster” Malachi

Why is this “Super Shirtless Saturday”?  Because I will be posting a handful of shirtless pro-wrestlers today and what better way to honor their athleticism and theatrical skills by describing them as “super”?

After seeing the super musclechub, Mark Henry, in his sexy hot tub video, let’s get to meet a beastly warrior who sports one of the coolest beards around: “The Monster” Malachi.

Malachi is a little “smaller” for my tastes, but he exudes this primal sexiness that brings out the caveman in me.  He could pass for a brother of another fellow muscle beast: Mike Knox.  And I love how his chest fur grew in such a way that it complements and accentuates his muscular chest.  And as you trace his fur on his sweaty physique, you’ll note the fine furry growth around his thick belly.

“Animal magnetism.”  That’s pretty much all I can think of as I stare at images and videos of this Malachi persona.  He has this undeniable rawness and pure manliness that could scientifically cause any gay man or straight female to orgasm on sight!

Use your imaginations, gents and ladies…

It’s really difficult to control my primal appetites when I read unintentional, sexually-charged wrestlers’ bios.  For example, this is Malachi’s bio from All Pro Wrestling:

Malachi is the beast of All Pro Wrestling. Running through every opponent with his unstoppable Big Boot, Malachi has towered over every obstacle thrown at him and always comes out on top, and his opponent lies broken and defeated in the middle of the ring. Once Malachi has chewed up and spit out his opponent, Malachi returns to the locker room with a path of destruction left in his wake.

Oh, come on! This is killing me so badly, it ain’t even funny.  Anyway, let’s end this with a video of this magnificent monster:

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