Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos


The BearMythology look has been updated again by your finicky and oft-absent blogger.  Also, based on numerous suggestions, I will finally get with the 21st Century and start placing “Continue Reading” links on every post for easier reading consumption…

Anyway, my great friend, GE, sent me a link to a video that gave me a heart attack (I wonder how many heart attacks I’ve had during the course of this blog’s lifespan?): it is a video of pro-wrestler, Mark Henry, wearing only skimpy bright red speedos!  Seriously, why can’t he wrestle with this type of outfit?!

This video clip is from WWE Monday Night Raw where they were promoting the film, “Hot Tub Time Machine.”  Mark Henry suddenly shows up in such sinfully and delicious red speedos, causing Rob Corddry and Clark Duke to melt at the sight of such pure manliness.  Okay, that is not quite true.  They were acting as if they were either grossed out or just plain homophobic — or both!  On behalf of all gay folks, thank you, WWE!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Thank you so much, GE!

But, hey, one man’s wretched experience is another man’s blissful joy.  So here is the massively beefy Mark Henry in screenshot format…

4 comments on “Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos

  1. […] seeing the super musclechub, Mark Henry, in his sexy hot tub video, let’s get to meet a beastly warrior who sports one of the coolest beards around: “The […]

  2. chubed says:

    been dreaming to see henry shirtless for years. got myself a jerk off source tonight, oh yes! 🙂

  3. derick says:

    This is a wish that have cum

  4. hanna says:

    mark eu gosto muito de voce. voce e gordo eu tanbem meu name e hanna gostei de te ver

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