MMA Fighter Roy Nelson Is Downloadable

Seriously, wouldn’t that be amazing?  Who wouldn’t want to have a “Weird Science” world where we could just “download” any (and all) of our bear/chub/daddy fantasies in physical form?  Though it might not be a reality, video games are acceptable substitutions as CG graphics are quickly becoming realistic as possible…

The above screenshot is from last year’s game, UFC Undisputed 2010.  Roy Nelson was a bonus character if you pre-ordered it from Gamestop.  Eventually, it became a downloadable content for XBOX 360 and PS3.  I am seriously amazed as to how life-like it (he?) looks.  Even the small touches, such as the glistening sweat, are just simply spectacular.

The actual gameplay movement though is still mildly disappointing.  I can’t wait for the time when we could perfectly mimic the actual physics of human movement.  That would be an exciting (yet, potentially creepy) day.

Here is Roy Nelson duking it out with Shaq.  Yes.  As in Shaquille O’Neal!

And, finally, here is the real-life Roy Nelson.  Let us begin with the armpit shots…  😛

And, finally, the “Big Country”‘s greatest asset: his amazing belly…

Just jaw-droppingly beautiful
"You need to shoot me on my best side..."
Owner of the best belly in the biz

[vodpod id=Video.5628198&w=425&h=350&fv=]

“Any time, I win, I’d like to rub my belly!”
“That’s a ‘Victory Rub’…  It’s for the rest of America.”

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  1. He’s hotter with the more toned tummy, just the perfect shape and size although he should cut the hair 🙂

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