Greg Grunberg: Shirtless Scenes In “Heroes” (Season 1)

Something’s missing…

I love Heroes* and even though Season 2 was somewhat of a letdown (mainly due to the Writers Strike), I am very eager to seeing Season 3.

Ah.  Peek-a-boo!

More importantly, will we get to see some Greg Grunberg skin as we did in Season 1?  Come on, writers, it’s not that hard.  Even reward us with a brief 5-second scene where he’s waking up shirtless.  Something.  Anything.  Lol.

Speaking of his shirtless scenes in Season 1, here they be.

* Despite and because of its Watchmen similarities, specifically Season 1’s main plotline.

[FACT: Greg Grunberg’s brother is Brad Grunberg.]

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16 thoughts on “Greg Grunberg: Shirtless Scenes In “Heroes” (Season 1)”

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  2. Who doesn’t love Greg Grunberg??? I am SO in love with this man! He’s number three out of six on my fave guys list. Only Kevin James and David Deluise are above him.

  3. I am seriously in love with Greg Grunberg. That fourth picture of him (the second one of him with his wife) makes me gush and melt at the same time.

    His adorable smile and boyishly adorable twinkle in his eyes is so irresistible. And it definitely goes without saying that his big, burly body is a machine made for pleasure 😉

  4. @ DG:
    I debated about making that comment as it’s a spoiler of sorts. I just suspect/worry that the people who loved “Heroes” then eventually see this movie (which is pure conjecture at this point as the film is not even out yet; but it’s all just based on the comic book) might end up accusing “Watchmen” for plagiarism. Still despite the similarity, “Heroes” had a “unique spin” on what eventually happened in Season 1.

  5. @ Jasper:
    I haven’t checked out the Matt Parkman fanfics but I’m definitely intrigued. Most especially, keep me updated on your “lost scene” with Matt and Bennett. I would *love* to read about it.

  6. drooooooooooollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry, there are other actors in Heroes?

    apparently, all the Heroes fanfics have Matt hooking up with Ted the radioactive caveman, Bennet (seen in last shot), that blond Scully-wannabe slut Audrey, or breaking up Mylar so he and MoMo can raise Molly the munchkin together in the (other) “House of M” or M3/M-cubed.

    btw, I’ve been toying with a ‘lost scene’ between Matt & Bennet during the above scene and on the road trip, but the fanfic site apparently has “standards”, so I’m looking probably at Nifty to post it once I finish it.

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