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Naked Powerlifting

I’ve been gone and will be gone off and on due to personal reasons.  However, I will do my best to at least post something worth your time.

Anyway, I just got an email from Sound Chaser (who was one of the very first person who had a page dedicated to Chubby musicians).  Definitely check out his link for more chubby goodness, especially his Underchub page (wowza!).  I still remember being a member of his underwear chub Yahoo group back in the day.

For some reason he sent me an email which was filtered in my Spam folder.  Thank goodness I go through Spam filters because I’m lame like that.  🙂  Anyway, good thing I went through my junk mail because he had sent me a link that is definitely post-worthy…

It looks like your average video of a big guy doing powerlifting stuff.  But, wait!  Make it all the way to 8:34 and you will see this big brutish musclechub from Norway performing a squat… in… the… nude.

Well, okay, so there’s a bit of censorship, but you guys and gals will easily use your mighty imaginations…  Please don’t disappoint me.  🙂

By the way…  WATCHMEN comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant Pitts: A Bulky Musclebear Of Pure Beefy Goodness

I first discovered Grant Pitts about a decade ago when I stumbled upon postage-sized photos of him being shirtless while on a motorcycle and holding a shotgun from my blazingly fast AOL web browser powered by dial-up.  I did not even know who he was; I just knew that even with such puny photographs, I could see that he was a tremendously beautiful musclebear.

A few months after that, I stumbled upon one of the earliest websites that would inadvertently cater to gay people such as yours truly: Superheavy’s Gallery of Olympic Weightlifters.  If you go directly to that site’s link of The Gallery of Powerlifters and Other Strength Athletes, you’ll find such classic photos of the bulky and beefy Grant Pitts.

As a special treat, bomberbpilot500 from YouTube, has recently uploaded a classic Grant Pitts video that many of us have only seen in a very short clip (in some form or other).  In this one, we see Grant Pitts and Gary Heisey working out in Grimwood’s Power Plant.

(higher quality version)

Remember the small, postage-sized photos I was talking about?  Well, here are the far superior versions.  Believe me, I fainted when I finally got to see them.  That’s right.  Fainted.

Chad Aichs: Huge Powerlifter And Strongman

These are probably old photos to most of you, but they’re new to me.  It’s the handsomely massive powerlifter and strongman, Chad Aichs.  This is the first time I have ever seen him with a full beard, and it’s definitely woofy.

Make sure to check out his Official Site and Training Log at EliteFTS.  The Training Log does not have a lot of photos, but there are quite a handful of beautiful and stunning photography taken by — who else? — the big man himself.  Here’s one:

Wow, first it’s Bullgoon King, Gerard Benderoth, with the Art Major.  And now we have Chad Aichs with the passion for photography.  What a beautiful world this is…  And speaking of beautiful…

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Hossein Rezazadeh: “Iranian Hercules”

The most excellent D.T. wowed me again with his bears & bear photo-hunting mad skillz.  This time, he updated me on the “Iranian Hercules” Hossein Rezazadeh.

Excellent work, D.T.!
Again, what is it about big bears and the beach?

Unfortunately, Mr. Rezazadeh won’t take part of the Olympics in Beijing due to an injured knee from last year’s traffic accident. Doctors had advised him to stay home and avoid “heavy and stressful activity.”

I wonder what sort of skill sets I need to acquire to apply for that man’s job?

Jon Grove: Massive Man + Powerlifting Apparel = 100% Probability Of A Nip Slip


These images of powerlifter, Jon Grove, were “borrowed” from BodyTechUSA.com (back in 2002). If you love big musclebear types — and who doesn’t? — this is a great site to subscribe to (or you could purchase individual online issues). The owner, Scott DePanfilis, by the way, is also one hot woofy musclebear himself.


Marc Bartley And Chad Aichs Do The Belly Bop

“Would you guys mind doing the bears a favor and touching bellies?
I want to touch bellies!”

Lol.  That was pretty cool of them to humor us bear lovers.

Strongman/Powerlifter connoisseur and good pal, Richmoch, recently posted that great video in the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  The first powerlifter is Marc Bartley, he of the flabbier big gut while the second one is Chad Aichs, he of the thicker big gut.  Here are some pics of Mr. Chad Aichs (my new big bear obsession) provided by BofB and Real_Thick.  Thank you, guys!





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