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Goonday Moonday: Horacio Carmandule In “Gigante”

Horacio Carmandule - Gigante 01
These eyes ... are cryin'. These eyes have seen a lot of loves but they’re never gonna see another one like I had with you

A kind reader, Matthew, has pointed me out to a film from Uruguay called Gigante.  Not only that, he also attached these high-res photos of its handsome lead actor: Horacio Carmandule.  Thank you, sir!  IMDb’s plot synposis reads as follow:

A chronicle of a supermarket security guard’s obsession with a late-shift janitor.

Gigante_PosterBefore you gay guys get all excited, it’s a female late-shift janitor.  Why must all these woofy men fall for chicks?  No offense, ladies.  -_^

Anyway, it appears to be a film that I would enjoy (re: my Pruitt Taylor Vince’s Heavy love).  I always find stories of aching lusts/love toward people they are unable to show affections towards to extremely fascinating.

I mean, hey, just look at this blog where I tend to mostly post about straight men!  😉 & 🙁

Thankfully, according to Matthew, the film did not explore the “creepy” aspect of obsession, but, rather, the loving side of it.  More about the fascination side of it, from what I’m understanding.

Here is a trailer from YouTube (love the punk version of  “Everybody Needs Somebody” that plays halfway through):

Horacio Carmandule - Gigante 02

Horacio Carmandule - Gigante 03

Shirtless scenes to boot?  Hells, yeah!

Horacio Carmandule Gigante

A chronicle of a supermarket security guard’s obsession with a late-shift janitor

Joey Oglesby Sports A Prison Guard Uniform In “Prison Break”

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 005

Prison Break (definitely one of my all-time favorite TV shows) has officially ended a few weeks ago.  There were two episodes that were not released, but repackaged as a full-length film that filled in the blanks to the show’s surprisingly downer (yet, uplifting in a way) ending.  You can check it out on DVD and it’s called Prison Break: The Final Break.  I appreciated how they did this as it did not overwhelm the fans with more prison break absurdities to the point of self-parody.

More importantly, and to my pleasant surprise, Joey Oglesby was in it as well.  Unlike his tacky clothing from Private Practice, he gets to don a prison guard uniform.  Yowza!

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 002

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 004

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 011

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 013

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 018

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 019

Joey Oglesby Prison Break 021

Speaking of Prison Break parodies, here’s a Simpsons version…

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Welcome To BearMythology Version 2.0

If you have visited this site before, you might notice that it has completely lost its really gay light blue color (which also happened to be my favorite color).  I just thought, “What the heck, let’s spruce up this joint.”  Also, I feel that I have somewhat abandoned the blog for the past few months due to personal issues.  So, I decided that I needed to change things up a bit and be more productive, which was why I have doubled my post counts this month (compared to the past two months alone).  I’m making amends and will continue to post the best of the best this month (well, subjective of course, as it’s still all about my personal attractions).  Unfortunately, I’m going on vacation next week which is also why I’m posting a lot as well.

the chubby cable guyGoodbye, light blue…

One thing I added is an advertisement for the Children’s Miracle Network.  I would just like to ask a favor and to please click on it when you get a chance (or even a few more times if you can).  Basically, I picked a sponsor while you guys and gals voluntarily watch my sponsor’s ad.  And based on the length of watching it and/or amount of click-thrus, this blog earns balloon points which, in turn, are used as monetary equivalent by my sponsor to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.  It’s for a good cause and I’d feel better knowing that the upcoming movie, bruno, will be doing something good.  Anyway, the ad is on the bottom of the sidebar.  And with that, I thank you very much…

Belly MountainI photoshopped away the biker in the above photo,
which you can find at AdsOfTheWorld

Speaking of advertisements, Içimdeki Ayi, had posted this pretty funny Doritos commercial…

I also want to apologize to those who’d email me or post on this blog and even the message board as I tend to be an absentee host.  Just be patient with me and I’ll get to you.  Mmkay?  -_^

300 PizzusCorrect me if I am wrong, but isn’t that Sean of Hot Fur &
Britain’s Next Bear Model fame
holding the “pizzus”?

Anyway, hope you guys like the new look.  And, now, I’ll shut up and let’s get back to talking about bears, bears, and even more bears…


Goonday Moonday: Dan Lauria & Michael Roberds In “Alien Trespass”

The trailer for Alien Trespass caught me by surprise as it’s definitely a type of film that I’d be watching on opening day.  And by goodness gracious golly gee, Dan Lauria appears as the cliched skeptical Sheriff.  What better way than to post some Dan Lauria photos as a woofy officer of the law for Goonday Moonday?…




I also want to plug in one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures: The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra.  It just reminded me of Alien Trespass and there is actually a sequel for The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra!: The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.  And you know why I’m plugging this film in?  Well, it’s because there’s a woofy bear in it, that’s why!  If you have seen this film, you have already probably said Brian Howe, and by golly, you are right!  So let me interrupt with a Brian Howe publicity interview from Journeyman.


And now we’re back with more of daddy goon extraordinaire, Dan Lauria…



michael-roberdsMichael Roberds plays “Bubba” in the film;
I first discovered him as Fester from The New Addams Family.


alien-trespass-02I guess this photo is quite spoilerific, but, hey, it’s in the trailer!

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Seth Rogen Vs. The MPAA

At CHUD, I just read about Seth Rogen having some rating issues with his upcoming film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  It’s a shame that the MPAA is still hypocritical with their supposedly fair and balanced ratings of violence and sex in the movies.

*caveman voice* Violence goooood, sex baaaaad! *caveman voice*

Anyway, head over on to MTV for a quick clip of Mr. Rogen’s colorful opinions on the MPAA.

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Steve Eastin: My Daddy Bullgoon Fantasy

I’ve always been looking for that perfect time to post something “bullgoon”-ish.  It’s a term that Bullneck has patented and coined and a newly-found word that really brings a new dimension to my fantasies of bigger, bullish, and goonish uniformed bears.

LFBears from YouTube has posted another great video.  This time, it’s a scene from Without A Trace with the extremely woofy Steve Eastin:

And here’s the bullgoonish Mr. Steve Eastin wearing a very bullhot bullguard bullgear from the film Con-Air.  Lol.  Overkill…


BearJeff Of BearFilms.com

As MacGeekyBear had posted about this bear who will one day be in the Great Gay Bear Pantheon Hall Of Fame (such as the likes of Jack Radcliffe and Buster): WOOOOF!!!



Wouldn’t it be great if all our teddy bears when we were kids looked like BearJeff?  I’ll never leave the bed!

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