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Shad Gaspard’s Twitter Fantasy Turned Reality: Auditioning For Chapel In “Youngblood”

Former WWE superstar, Shad Gaspard, just got an audition with Brett Ratner’s upcoming superhero movie, “Youngblood” via Twitter [Comic Book Movie].  I’ve never heard of “Youngblood” though I’m somewhat familiar with Chapel’s character from “Spawn.”  Body-wise, Shad definitely possesses the brawny muscles for the role. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Super Shirtless Saturday: Mark Henry In Red Speedos

The BearMythology look has been updated again by your finicky and oft-absent blogger.  Also, based on numerous suggestions, I will finally get with the 21st Century and start placing “Continue Reading” links on every post for easier reading consumption…

Anyway, my great friend, GE, sent me a link to a video that gave me a heart attack (I wonder how many heart attacks I’ve had during the course of this blog’s lifespan?): it is a video of pro-wrestler, Mark Henry, wearing only skimpy bright red speedos!  Seriously, why can’t he wrestle with this type of outfit?! [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Mike Knox: One Furry Muscle Beast


Though I have a handful of favorite wrestlers in the WWE (Mark Henry, Big Show, Festus, Ezekiel Jackson, Shad Gaspard), there is one in particular who I never paid attention to before because he was slimmer and smoother: Mike Knox.  Today, he has completely grown out his beard and mane and you can also now see some fantastic furry pelt on his beefy thick physique.  He possesses this stunning look of an intimidating barbarian, popularized by classic wrestlers such as John Nord (“Nord The Barbarian”) and Bruiser Brody.  This massive and tall bear would make a perfect Greek God, Zeus…

All of these photos are from his days at ECW.  He’s currently part of the WWE Raw stable.

mike-knox-and-shelton-benjaminShelton Benjamin (right) is not technically “bearish” but I do
consider him as a musclebear










Ron Simmons: On Doom, Tag Teams, & The Sex Comparison

Here’s a great shoot interview with Mr. Ron Simmons.  In particular, these were my favorite bits:

Ron flexes both of his massive chest underneath that shirt.

About wrestling the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Aw, man, love ’em.  Aw, I used to love working with them.  It was the best to work with Ricky and Robert.  For one thing, youse got these good-looking white guys, right?  These two big black guys, right here, that are gonna beat up on these good-looking white guys.  You should see the look on some of the people’s faces around the ring.  And then they love them and watch them cry.  You know what I mean, and, actually get into that, and want to kill you for what you were doing.  It was, it was in a way, it was like, hey, they’re having sex to watch it, okay?  When you’re out there working with them  Love em.  Love every minute.  I would have worked with them every night if I could.

The above video is a match between Ron Simmons and Tommy Angel.  Ron completely dominated the match (which is a wrestling match I don’t tend to get interested in, as I tend to prefer seeing big guys get dominated).  Anyway, the only reason I chose that match is to compare his excited response about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express from the previous video to this uneven match against a smaller wrestler.

So it comes full circle.  I found Mr. Simmons’ shoot interview — and especially the “sex” comparison — to be inherently erotic and arousing.  -_^

Make sure to also check out SDW Media’s Tag Teams DVDs which include Doom (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons).

Big Van Vader: Big Bear Is The Centerfold

I’m 35 years old, but in closeted gay years, you would have to divide that number by 2.  So, I’m technically 14 and a half years old.  Unlike most of our heterosexual brethren, who had pretty much lived “normal” lives, my adolescent growth had been “stunted,” so to speak.  99.99% of it is my fault as I’m cowardly about coming out of the closet.  In a way, I still am; but as the years punish pass me by, I’ve grown to accept my decision of being a, well, loser.  Lol.  Whatevs.  Talk to the hand.  😉

[EDIT: Lol.  Someone had pointed out my unfortunate math skills.  That would be 17 and a half years old.]

Anyway, with that emo moment out of the way, I just can’t believe that I have not posted about Leon Allen White — otherwise known as Big Van Vader, The Man They Call Vader, Vader, or just Amazingly Hot Bearish Wrestler of All-Time.

I remember always checking out the newsstands and bookstores to see the latest pro-wrestling magazines and hoping against hope that Vader would grace the covers.  Lo and behold, he had and here are two close-up scans of two magazines that I still have in unbelievably pristine condition…  Gee, I wonder why I own these two very specific magazines?

Here are other magazines Mr. Vader had shown up in.  I’m a visual person, and when certain texts are superimposed against such vivid images, I just go nuts — literally.  Check these out…


Vader CRUSHES Sting



Vader’s Vow Of Violence

* I always admire massive mean men who use extensive vocabulary when making vows of violence.

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The Barbarian & The Big Bossman

The Barbarian (Sione Vailahi) and The Big Bossman (Ray Traylor) are two archetypal bearish wrestling personalities (muscular & beefy musclebear and hefty & chubby bear) who completely personify the very reason why I love to watch pro-wrestling.

And then, sometimes, I think that I love to watch pro-wrestling because of touching moments such as these…

“Hey, Big Bossman, I love your cologne.”
“Barbarian, you have got to tell me what body lotion’s you’ve been using!”

“Bossman, I see you’ve been hitting the gym!  Nice, tight buns!”

“Barbarian, you can do it.  You can stretch further than this…  In fact, I know.”
“L.  O.  L.”

“Looks like someone’s been shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch!  Nice!”

“Abercrombie?  Puh-lease.  I buy these puppies at Target.”

Festus: Hit Me Bearby One More Time


Wait a minute…  This guy’s getting paid to get the beefy Festus slam his crotch on his chest?!

Shee-it.  I’d do it for free.  😛

 <furiously searches for the number of a local pro-wrestling training school>

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Festus: Of Bears And Twinks


I don’t particularly like the angle of “Jesse and Festus” in WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown.  Nevertheless, Festus‘ (Drew Hankinson) shapeshifting face from innocent hillbilly to deranged brawler has a certain charm that I can’t seem to resist.  And just look at the fantastic physique of this massive man.  That wide barrel chest truly demands your utmost attention (such sexy barrel-chestedness  can also be seen on Mr. Richard Alexander).

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