Woofy Winner Wednesday: Ringo Garza Jr.


Based on emails, comments, and poll (50-105), Ringo Garza Jr. was voted as your woofiest drummer.  Ringo is just this extremely cute chubby bear with a killer smile that would just melt hearts and cause any sane person to become loco.  Personally, my weakness is seeing such beefy biceps and arms.  *swoons*






Los Lonely Boys singing the Star Spangled Banner

Behind The Scenes With Los Lonely Boys Part 1 of 3
Part 2 | Part 3

You can find more awesome Ringo Garza Jr. videos on this YouTube Channel: Los Lonely Boys TV.

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5 thoughts on “Woofy Winner Wednesday: Ringo Garza Jr.”

  1. You definitely picked the right drummer! Ringo is not only extremely handsome, gorgeous, & attractive, he’s the best drummer out there!

  2. YEAH!!!! Ringo is the sweetest, most adorable “bear” and he is also an amazing drummer! So glad he’s our winner here. To his fans… he’s ALWAYS a winner.

  3. I know a lesbian drummer in Chicago who I swear is more burly and “bearish” than even Ringo. Can you put her in the running next time?

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