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Corey Procter: Dallas Cowboys’ Center, Free Reign Drummer, Buffalo Bill Impersonator

Corey Procter as Jim Morrison
In an alternate universe, I would so buy this album...

A few months ago, Pat sent me an email about a metal group composed of four Dallas Cowboys players called “Free Reign” and I’ve been meaning to post about it but just “forgot” about it.  (I’m sorry, Pat!)  Two days ago, Brad sent me a video link to one of the woofy band member being shirtless and reenacting a very memorable/disturbing scene from Silence Of The Lambs.  You just have to see it for yourself…

Point is, I seem tend to focus on any news concerning big guys being shirtless…  😉

Corey Procter

This spectacularly beefy man is Corey Procter (Dallas Cowboys’ Center and Free Reign‘s drummer).  Here’s a video of Corey Proctor and Marc Colombo promoting their debut concert at the Granada Theater:

Free Reign 1

Free Reign 2

BearSong Sunday: Jason Singleton Of Trust Company

TrustCompany band

I was never a huge fan of Trust Company (aka TRUSTcompany), but the few songs I’ve heard from them were definitely memorable.  Downfall is definitely one of my favorites:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2887926&w=425&h=350&fv=]

And, of course, the other main reason is to point out the fact that the drummer is quite a handsome cub (note that drummers tend to be taken by bearish men).  His name is Jason Singleton and don’t be fooled by his young & cubbish good looks.  He’s definitely of legal age.

Jason Singleton flexingJason Singleton drinking

I just saw Criss Angel Believe @ The Luxor and his use of creepy and haunting bunnies in the show reminded me of the music video for Running From Me.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2887930&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Jason Singleton 01

Jason Singleton 02

Jason Singleton 03

Jason Singleton 05

Jason Singleton 06

Jason Singleton 07

Woofy Winner Wednesday: Ringo Garza Jr.


Based on emails, comments, and poll (50-105), Ringo Garza Jr. was voted as your woofiest drummer.  Ringo is just this extremely cute chubby bear with a killer smile that would just melt hearts and cause any sane person to become loco.  Personally, my weakness is seeing such beefy biceps and arms.  *swoons*






Los Lonely Boys singing the Star Spangled Banner

Behind The Scenes With Los Lonely Boys Part 1 of 3
Part 2 | Part 3

You can find more awesome Ringo Garza Jr. videos on this YouTube Channel: Los Lonely Boys TV.

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Nicholas Barker: Woofy Chubby Bear Of Dimmu Borgir


DG, the resident “Music Bear” expert, just linked me to a YouTube video of a shirtless Nicholas Barker drumming it up for Dimmu Borgir.  Wow.  He said that the video will get me hot, and he was absolutely right, it’s not even funny.  Check it out:

(higher quality version)

It’s pretty anti-climactic, but here’s my shirtless photo of Nick Barker.  I forgot where I got it, but I’m guessing it was from Kerrang! or some metal magazine.


I have the 2-Disc DVD of Dimmu Borgir – World Misanthropy but the second disc was unreadable.  There’s supposed to be some great stuff in it with Nicholas Barker.  I probably bought a bad bootleg.

Two Woofy Tuesday: Dave Buckner Vs. Ringo Garza Jr.


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting two woofy bearish musicians.  And as always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest drummer: Dave Buckner (ex-drummer of Papa Roach) or Ringo Garza Jr. (Los Lonely Boys)?