Shirtless Saturday: Pruitt Taylor Vince

I first noticed Pruitt Taylor Vince when I rented Heavy back in the mid-’90s.  I remember having an AOL account and I created a whole webpage dedicated to my analysis of that film.  I also remember constantly refreshing my page hoping to see my stat counter explode with visitors, but, alas, I made 327 visits to it (out of 330 total).  I wanted the world to know just how awesome the movie was.

Heavy VHS cover
Whoever made this cover totally missed the whole point of the movie

I remember linking it to the Bears Mailing List and I ended up forcing my film analysis on to an unsuspecting Mr. Les K. Wright (editor of The Bear Book 1 & 2 and founder of The Bear History Project).  I was still new to the world of “bears” and Mr. Wright was very patient with my billions of questions and overeagerness.  He was very kind to my pompous film analysis of Heavy.  (If I could find it, I’d repost it here.)  But my love for that film pretty much equaled my intense attraction toward its chubby lead actor.

Anyway, all that rambling just so we could segue into today’s Shirtless Saturday model: Pruitt Taylor Vince.  I remember giggling like a giddy little girl when I finally saw him shirtless in Captivity.  Thanks to Tumblr’s moviechubs, he made me aware that just a decade and four years ago, PTV already got shirtless.  I still couldn’t believe that I missed it.

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Drop Dead Sexy 10
Mr. Vince, oh wow, that is very, wow, oh my!
Pruitt Taylor Vince - Drop Dead Sexy 17
I think it’s time to take it to the next level…

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Drop Dead Sexy 27

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Drop Dead Sexy 33
Jimmy, is this blondie a swimmer? She’s been down for a whole twenty minutes!

Please check out more screenshots at the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.  And check out Chubarama for more PTV coverage.

And here are also some screenshots from Captivity.

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Captivity

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Captivity 18

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Captivity 19

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Captivity 23

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Captivity 25

7 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Pruitt Taylor Vince”

  1. I just watched him in Mississippi Burning he sure was younger and smaller, but still real cute. Ruf ruf ruff ruff ruff!

  2. היי אני רוצה להמליץ לכל הגולשים, על אתר בנושא שיווק מטבחים וחדר ארונות וחדר ארונות ישירות מהמפעל בלי כל פערי תיווך .

  3. I just “discovered” PVT on “The Mentalist” and find him to be very sexy! I just purchased “Heavy” and “Identity” and can’t wait to watch them. Glad to see I’m not the only person in the world who finds him intriguing.

  4. I wonder if actors sometimes get a hard on while filming that kind of scene. It must be pretty embarrassing for them… but exciting for us !

  5. HEAVY is still one of my favorite movies ever made… no kidding. And not only (but sure also) because of PTV – after Heavy I saw everything with him I could find (still searching for one or two older movies…) I even started to watch Deadwood because of him. and I dont’t like western that much … special thanks for this one

  6. Seeing Heavy was exactly when I fell in lust with PTV as well! Then seeing him show up on an episode of the X-Files a while later cemented this feeling even more.

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