Corey Procter: Dallas Cowboys’ Center, Free Reign Drummer, Buffalo Bill Impersonator

Corey Procter as Jim Morrison
In an alternate universe, I would so buy this album...

A few months ago, Pat sent me an email about a metal group composed of four Dallas Cowboys players called “Free Reign” and I’ve been meaning to post about it but just “forgot” about it.  (I’m sorry, Pat!)  Two days ago, Brad sent me a video link to one of the woofy band member being shirtless and reenacting a very memorable/disturbing scene from Silence Of The Lambs.  You just have to see it for yourself…

Point is, I seem tend to focus on any news concerning big guys being shirtless…  😉

Corey Procter

This spectacularly beefy man is Corey Procter (Dallas Cowboys’ Center and Free Reign‘s drummer).  Here’s a video of Corey Proctor and Marc Colombo promoting their debut concert at the Granada Theater:

Free Reign 1

Free Reign 2

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  1. You need to get the video of HBOs, Tough Knocks the year they did the Cowboys. Proctor gets out of the icetank wearing nothing but tight white under armors with a bottle stuck in his pants to look like he’s got a huge dick. He then makes a joke about it being his “gift” or something. It’s great.

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